Our practice is proud to provide GLO Science PRO, the latest whitening technology in dentistry. The in-office procedure whitens 5 shades in just 32 minutes. We wanted to provide you a treatment that is fast, easy and comfortable. There is also a take-home device that will help you maintain your new white shade.


“As someone who gets very sensitive teeth during whitening treatments, I wanted to try this product to see if it really works before using it in my practice. I am one of those patients who gets those painful “zingers” when I whiten my teeth- it’s not pleasant and it has kept me away from wanting to whiten my teeth. So I decided to give it a try. After around 30 minutes of whitening my teeth with GLO PRO in my office, I was shocked that I had not had any painful sensitivity that I used to get and I had literally whitened my teeth 5 shades! I am now a true believer in this product and I am highly recommending this service to all my patients.” – by Dr. Magid himself



  • Universal sized mouthpiece has LED light and heat resistors that warm to the optimal whitening temperature to activate the whitening formulation for faster, more efficient whitening.
  • The mouthpiece forms a seal over the teeth to help prevent whitening oxygens from escaping the tooth surface into the atmosphere resulting in shorter exposure time to the bleaching  gels and therefore, less sensitivity.
  • The warming heat is set at the optimal temperature preventing those painful, unpleasant, nerve zingers that happens with other professional whitening lights. 
  • Mouthpiece can be taken home to boost whitening results and/or maintain results.



Our practice has always stayed abreast of changes in technology that make the experience for our patients better. The in-office whitening gets incredible results, is fast, and does so without the sensitivity that usually comes hand in hand with the procedure that we’ve seen with other products on the market. No more messy trays, impressions, and runny gels. Say hello to GLO!!

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