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Am I getting too much radiation when getting my checkup xrays taken once a year?

Radiation exposure is measured in mREM, the average person in the US is exposed to about 360mREM per year just from naturally occurring background sources. Radiation from background sources comes from  space, the earth, natural materials and even other people. The average digital dental x-ray delivers only 0.3mREM per x-ray. So 4 checkup xrays taken once a year is 1.2mREM’s.  Flying in a plane across the country exposes a person to about 3-5mREM. To equal the amount of radiation the average person picks up from naturally occurring background sources each year, the dentist would have to take 950 digital x-rays! The digital X-rays that we use in our office are made by a company called Dexis- one of if not the best and highest quality digital X-rays money can buy.

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