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Why should you get an implant?

When a tooth is missing from your mouth it can cause problems in various ways. First and foremost a missing tooth causes the bone where the tooth used to be to recede and shrink which weakens the bone's strength and hardness. Implants actually stimulate the bone to prevent further bone loss after a tooth is lost. In the old days if you were missing a tooth, a bridge would have to be fabricated to replace that tooth which required drilling on healthy teeth in front of and behind the empty space. We do not want to drill healthy teeth if we do not have to, plus having a bridge means that you would not be able to floss in between the teeth because the bridge would be in the way causing more risk of food getting trapped in the gums, causing even more problems. Implants are also made out of titanium which can not get cavities like a regular tooth. Implants restore function, are flossable, predictable, prevent opposing teeth from pushing into the empty space where the lost tooth used to be, and keep adjacent teeth from shifting. They can even stabilize loose dentures that have poor bone underneath so they can clip in and give you confidence that they will stay in. All in all, dental implants are a great choice and the standard of care now to replace missing teeth. Call us if you have any questions or would like book an implant consultation, we are here to help.

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