Dental Crowns

Your smile is an accessory you wear every single day.

Our teeth work hard for us. When they sustain damage, Magid Dental Care takes every step possible to repair and save your tooth. A cracked tooth is often caused by biting into something hard, teeth grinding, or trauma due to an accident. This situation needs immediate attention so damage does not continue to worsen.

When your tooth cracks, your protective enamel is compromised. This leaves the more delicate parts of your tooth exposed. Dentin is a softer, porous substance that houses the area surrounding your nerve. It is more susceptible to decay or even more extensive fractures unless we treat it with a restoration.

Dental Crowns to Protect Your Teeth

One of the best ways to protect and save your tooth is by placing a protective dental crown. Dental crowns seal out bacteria and decay and absorb some of the force of chewing to prevent further damage.

A dental crown covers your remaining tooth structure from your gum line to your chewing surface, much like a protective helmet. The crown holds your tooth together to prevent the splitting that can occur on an unprotected tooth. A split tooth often causes pain and may require an extraction.

Esthetic and Functional Dental Crowns

We offer crowns of varying materials. Which material we recommend will depend on the location of your tooth. For posterior teeth that absorb much of the force from chewing, we use durable tooth-colored crowns that are strong and long lasting.

For anterior teeth, which are visible when you smile, we use crowns that match your smile closely. This will help you feel confident in your appearance. Dr. David Magid will discuss the options that will work best for you after your exam. Together, you can make a decision that supports the health of your smile.

Why Save a Broken Tooth?

Some patients wonder why we don’t simply extract a damaged tooth. Missing teeth can create a chain reaction of oral health problems. Your teeth and bone have a dependent relationship. Tooth loss often leads to bone loss, which puts your other teeth at risk.

When we remove a tooth, your remaining teeth tend to tip toward the gap in your smile. This can cause problems with your bite and create pain and jaw conditions. It is important to save your natural teeth whenever possible because it is the best for your health and your smile. Crowns are also more affordable than other tooth-replacement options. With proper care, including regular dental visits and diligent home care, your crown can last for many years.

Are You Experiencing Tooth Pain?

If you noticed a cracked tooth or you have unexplained tooth pain, contact our West Caldwell, NJ dental office right away. The sooner we address your condition, the faster you can rest easy knowing your smile is in good hands.