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What is the treatment process for getting Invisalign

Step 1: The Initial Appointment

  During this consultation stage, Dr. Magid will examine your teeth and discuss with you what it is that you are looking to do as well as areas that can be corrected using the Invisalign clear aligners.

Step 2: Taking Measurements for your Aligners

  Once it is decided that treatment is desirable and necessary, impressions are taken as well as photographs. These will then be sent to the laboratory where they will be instructed using Dr. Magid's directions to fabricate your custom made Invisalign aligners.

Step 3: Explaining the Treatment Outcome

  Before treatment begins, Dr. Magid will show you a computer 3D rendition of the smile you are aiming for, so you will know exactly what is planned. Since wearing the aligners takes commitment, it is great to have that mental picture to refer to so you can visualize the final successful result and get psyched!

Step 4: Fitting the Aligners

  You will be shown how easy it is to take the aligners in and out. The aligners are replaced every two weeks for another aligner and Dr. Magid will see you every six to eight weeks to make sure that progress is being made as expected and to answer any questions you might have. Depending on the case's needs, treatment times can be nine to fifteen months give or take.

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