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Can you make my dentures fit better?

If you have worn dentures for some time already, you may notice that they loosen over time. Some of this can be due to weight loss, but your bone density also changes over time. 

When you lose your natural teeth, the roots no longer stimulate bone growth. Your jawbone may actually begin to deteriorate and shrink away, year after year. When you lose bone, your face may begin to have that shrunken appearance common with tooth loss and age.

Dentures allow you to maintain your nutrition. No one wants to eat soft foods 100% of the time! Dentures also provide some structure for your face so it looks fuller and more youthful.

Having your dentures checked at Magid Dental Care at least once a year will allow us to look for cracks, damage, or changes in fit. We'll also perform a life-saving oral cancer screening.

If your dentures are too loose, we can either reline or replace them. If you want a more secure solution, we offer implant-retained dentures for extra stability and more freedom.

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