Restorative Dentistry – West Caldwell, NJ

Protecting Your Damaged and Decayed Teeth

Injured teeth can’t fix themselves, and ignoring them for too long could lead to even more serious dental health issues. Luckily, Dr. Magid can help you rebuild and protect your smile with a variety of restorative dental treatments. Whether you need a filling for a small cavity or have an advanced tooth infection that requires root canal treatment, we have the solutions you’re looking for. Call us today to learn more about our options for restorative dentistry in West Caldwell.

Why Choose Magid Dental Care for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Natural-Looking, Long-Lasting Dental Crowns
  • Kind, Understanding, Experienced Dentist
  • Dental Sedation for Anxious Patients

Dental Crowns

Dental crown in West Caldwell in a model of the lower jaw

A dental crown is a cap that is made to fit over the biting surface of your tooth. It is typically used in situations where a filling wouldn’t be enough to repair the damage. At our dental office, we offer EMAX and zirconia dental crowns that can be shaded to match the rest of your smile. This means your new restoration will look so lifelike that most casual observers won’t even realize that it’s there, allowing you to restore your oral health while maintaining a natural-looking grin.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Animated row of teeth with tooth colored fillings in West Caldwell

Why get a filling made out of metal when there’s a much more aesthetically pleasing alternative? Tooth-colored fillings are made out of custom-shaded composite resin, which is a highly biocompatible material that can blend in with your tooth enamel. In addition to being natural-looking, composite resin fillings also have the advantage of being able to fuse directly with the tooth. As a result, they don’t require as much preparation to your natural tooth as metal fillings, helping them offer additional strength and a tight seal.